Last summer I attended 2 handgun classes with KR Training in central Texas.

Why take a class?
A long time friend of mine had been taking training from Karl Rhen at KR for several years and spoke very highly of him. He eventually became an assistant trainer there himself. Now, I will be honest, I grew up shooting and hunting, competed and have put a LOT of lead down range, and frankly, am one of those guys that hates school, being told what to do, how to do it, etc.. I fought the training for a number of years.

The classes

Well, I finally made myself go, and I am glad I did.
There is a saying “you don’t know what you don’t know”
It is true…
Being self taught primarily I shoot pretty well, but obviously there is always room for improvement and that is what I wanted, to break through the plateau and get to the next level.

That is precisely what happened.

Defensive Pistol 2

After speaking with Karl about which class would be appropriate for me for my first one I signed up for Defensive Pistol 2.

Started with some classroom instruction and things like the right way to draw from concealment with dry runs.

We moved on to the shooting part of the  course

I won’t get into the details of the course but suffice it to say we spent 3 hrs shooting and it was definitely an eye opener.

Advanced Pistol Workout 6

The next class I took had no classroom instruction.

We started with the FBI qualifier test and then started pushing hard for 3 hours.

I am a big believer in training now and being pushed to do things you normally wouldn’t do or even think to try. All of the drills we did were beneficial to real world shooting and circumstances you might find yourself in if, God forbid, you have to defend your life. (like, what happens if say you are a right handed shooter and your get shot in the hand or arm and drop your gun, have you practiced getting down, picking it up with your weak hand and firing 4-6 shots fast and in the vital area?)

If you like to shoot and want to improve, get some training to get better, if you carry for protection, think of it as cheap life insurance and money well spent.
A good class with good instructor, a few hours of shooting, and a few hundred rounds of ammo will get you a LOT farther than you can do on your own.

One thing both classes did that you don’t get at a range with yourself or your buddies is they put you under some stress and that is a VERY good exercise.  Much like being in competition raises your stress level so does training drills, there is a lot going on.  If you are ever in a bad situation, how you deal with the stress of having to make good shots under pressure can make the difference between going home on your own or in a coroners wagon.

The staff
They were friendly (3 instructors with us), easy to talk to and most importantly, didn’t talk down to anyone or belittle them.
I went through boot camp once, don’t need to repeat it.

If you are in the central Texas region, I highly recommend KR Training.

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