Does advertising in magazines such as NRA’s American Hunter really work? damn skippy it does because I was hypnotized when I saw the ad for the Keltec PMR30. My first impression was Keltec, 30 rounds of 22 wmr mag , fiber optic sights and reliable? really? no way, it sounds too good to be true but I had to find out for myself. It became obvious to me real quick that I had plenty of company in my primordal quest to posess one. After about a year of waiting I have finally recieved my PMR and it was worth the wait. I made a rookie mistake by not tapping the clip when loading the rimfire rounds and had a first round jam but made the correction after a quick glance at the directions and didn’t have anymore malfunctions The verdict? It’s everything they claim and a box full of jelly filled crispy creme donuts. It’s cheap, light, accurate and you can start shooting it on Friday and clear the last round on Sunday before church. Everyone that I have let shoot it was immediately hooked on it like first grader in candy shop. The only negative is that my old friend who has been on my side for 25 years of hunting is getting retired. Rest easy sweet single six, you’ve past the 22Mag torch over to worthy recipient. Get one, you won’t regret it. 

By: Bart

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