I have been using the Kahles CL 3-10×50 with the multizero reticle for several years.

This scope has taken numerous game, absolutely holds zero and I trust it 1000%

It’s a FANTASTIC scope, stunning clarity, great glass etched 4A reticle that is bold enough to be used in very, very low light when you would lose a normal plex reticle, yet fine enough in the middle to shoot 1/2″ groups at 300 yards.

Glass Quality

The scope is extremely bright and has excellent resolution and contrast.

On a recent hunt I got to test it against another really good scope, a Nikon Monarch 2.5-10×42. At approximately 30 minutes after sunset, deer came out from the trees at about 300 yards and were barely visible to the naked eye. We watched the deer through both scopes until they could no longer be seen with the Nikon and were easily seen with the Kahles.. to the point you could have easily made the shot, even without an illuminated reticle due to the 4a reticle.

The Nikon belonged to my father, a lifelong serious hunter. When he first looked through the Kahles his response was “OH WOW!”

It absolotely made a believer out of him.

Multizero Reticle.  I love the MZ feature, in short, you dial in a preset base zero (in my case 100 yards) and then dial in 4 additional presets at extended ranges.  I run a 100 yard base, then have 2, 3, 4 and 500 yard zeros which I caluclated with a ballistics calculator, adjusted then verified at the range.

I can remove the elevation cap, and go to any of the presets very quickly (or in between them), since it has a zero stop, I simply rotate it counterclockwise until it stops for my 100 yard base zero. To go to the other zeros, I simply rotate until I get to the desired index marking. I keep it set at the 200 yard setting when out hunting and if in a blind with potential longer shots, I use my range finder to take reference yardage points, a cliump of trees, etc..

As happened recently, a group of deer came out between 250 and 275 yards, I simply dialed between the 2 and 300 yard reference indexes on the turret, settled in and took the shot. Textbook perfect bullet placement. Zero guessing, zero tracking!

These scopes have glass right there with the top of the line Swarovski and Zeiss.

Keep making them, I will keep buying them.

SWFA are great people to deal with.

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