There are a lot of brakes on the market to choose from.  All do a decent job of mitigating felt recoil and reducing muzzle rise to keep you on target for faster follow-up shots.  Some of the popular ones do a great job but can be very concussive to the shooter and bystanders.  As far as I am concerned brakes or compensators belong on competition rifles only where you and everyone else will be wearing hearing protection.

This review is about a unique brake that will allow you to not only turn off the brake but also serve as a mount for a suppressor.  When you add in this brake is made by JEC Customs whose brakes are on 70% of the rifles in the Precision Rifle Series it means this brake is worth investigating.

Let’s look at that last statement.

70% of the brakes used in the PRS means these brakes have to not only do the obvious job of a break but also it means they can’t detract from the stringent accuracy requirements of long range shooting.  Let’s take a look at the 2 additional features that make this brake standout.

  • The ability to turn the brake off when you want if you are in a confined area where you don’t want the concussive effect that all brakes exhibit (and we will look at how this brake compares to others in that regard)
  • Works as a mount for Templar Tactical / CRUX suppressors.



  • Outside Dia. 0.975″
  • Overall Length 2.250″
  • Brake Weight 4.4 ounces
  • .223
  • 6 mm
  • 6.5 mm
  • 7 mm
  • .308 (or 30 Caliber)
  • Made from 1144 stress proof steel and melonite treated.

How does it perform ?

I will be the first to admit I don’t like a brake with a big concussive effect.  I have been running the Seekins Precision ATAC because it works extremely well as a brake but doesn’t have a brutal concussion.  The Seekins is very popular in 3 Gun for exactly those reasons.  The JEC Custom is very comparable in that regard.  In fact, I think it has less and it is a compact unit as well.  It is every bit as effective and there isn’t any rise to to the right with the ports timed to 12 o’clock.  I can double tap and stay right on target about as fast as I can pull the trigger.  I tested for accuracy with several match loads and was getting groups that averaged right at .5″ at 100 yards and had no problem engaging steel out to 500 yards on my 18″ 5.56 rifle.  All in all, as a brake, I couldn’t be happier and I have owned all of the good brakes on the market.

3 Gun Rifle with JEC Custom Quck-Brake

Turning the brake off

There is an optional sleeve that simply slides over the brake and engages the threads that on the back of the brake that are also used to mount the Templar Tactical Suppressors with the PMS (Precision Mounting System).

While I have not tested this feature yet Jason the owner of JEC says the POI shift is very minimal and consistent and won’t cause you to miss.

JEC custom quick-brake

Suppressor Mount

I have a Templar Tactical Nemesis30 which is their lightweight 6″ Titanium 30 cal can which has the PMS mount.  This setup will allow for mounting the can to a a variety of mounts including the Templar Tactical Flash hider, direct mount adapter, the Templar brake and of course the JEC brake.  From the CRUX website:

The PMS system is a modular precision suppressor mounting system that utilizes self locking threads, a conical coaxial alignment feature that perfectly mount our suppressors to you firearm. The PMS system includes brakes, flash hiders, direct thread adapters, A2 flash hider adapters, OEM flash hider adapters, and more to come in the future.

The PMS system has proven to be a more robust design than direct thread mounting systems and the performance meets the stringent accuracy requirements of Crux.”

I have a lot of rounds down my Nemesis 30 and the can gets ran on my 14.5″ 5.56 with a flash hider and my 16″ 6.8 with the direct thread mount and it has never got loose and is always consistent for accuracy.

The biggest POI shift I have seen is .5 mil straight down on a lightweight barrel (and this holds true for the 9″ Archangel as well)

Being able to run my can on my 3 gun rifle sure is nice!  I can run this rifle on a 3 gun match, or go hit the long range or go coyote hunting with the can is awesome! I like to eat my cake, thank you very much!


Thread Protector

Another option available is a thread protector though given they are 1144 stress proof steel and melonite treated I don’t worry too much about it.

JEC muzzle brake


If you are in the market for a GREAT brake you should look hard at the JEC Custom.  These brakes are made right here in Texas in small batches and are done right.

When you add in some of the additional features it makes it even more compelling.  I can’t recommend these highly enough.

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