Press Release:  The Hunt Line by Average Gun Guy….Right at home in the woods.

Average Gun Guy is pleased to announce the launch of our new Hunt Line.  These new rifles combine old world feel with modern internals giving you the best of both worlds.  Built on an AR-15 receiver set, each rifle is finished with walnut furniture including butt stock, grip and handguard. With complete process control from forest to finished product these are the highest quality wood pieces available.  Sporting a built in Picatinny rail on the upper receiver there is plenty of room for mounting iron sights or a scope.  Best of all each model of the Hunt Line is chambered in a popular 30 caliber round.  We currently offer both a 7.62×39 model and a 300 Blackout.  All bolt carriers are completely treated in EXO boron coating for ease of maintenance and high reliability in any conditions.  Truck gun, hunting rifle or range gun the Hunt Line is a rifle that will be passed down from generation to generation.  Get your hands on some wood today!

Who is Average Gun Guy?  Based in McKinney, TX Average Gun Guy is a family owned business that manufactures firearms for the average gun guy.  As such we take great pride in our business and our products.  Our goal has always been to provide reasonably priced firearms that offer upgrades and options not normally found in that market.  Whether it was our first use of AB Arms handguards or the EXO Boron BCGs we strive to make a product that will be used by this generation and the next.  We currently offer a tactical shotgun and modern sporting rifles.  We plan to expand our offerings as we come up with new and exciting ideas.  For more information or to locate a dealer near you please visit us at  If you are interested in becoming a dealer for Average Gun Guy products please email us at


Average Gun Guy LLC

Mckinney, TX

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