In my opinion, you either love the Blackhawk SERPA holsters or you hate them. They either work for you or they don’t.

If your department requires you to carry your duty pistol with a level 3 holster and you like SERPAS, then your in good hands.


-Excellent retention. Hard for assailants to take your firearm. Even with them directly behind you (when it’s easiest to take from your holster) it’s still difficult to take without operating the holster before.

-Very strong and durable polymer material.


I only have one con for this holster, but it’s only for a specific scenario when I noticed it.

While conducting defensive tactics drills in the mat room, I was conducting takedown moves to fellow officers. I was currently un-holstered during the training. The hood to the holster was in the open position during the drills and caused the spring to bend out of place nearly popping off the hood out of its place on the holster.

Though, this would probably not happen while holstered with a pistol, it’s just a good note to take if you carry this holster on your duty belt while in the classroom.
By: Kevin Ellis

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