There are a plethora of AR15 charging handles on the market.
Which one is favored by TGR staffers?

We have ran a lot of charging handles over the years.  They all pretty much work.

So why do more than the standard old MILSPEC one that has been around for ever?






A few key reasons:

  • Ambidextrous
  • Larger latches make for more reliable and consistent engagements, important when trying to shoot fast, on the move, etc..
  • Better built, less likely to fail.
  • “Gas face” relief when shooting suppressed.

I have ran most of the good aftermarket ones.  But me and Jason Hallmark, a TGR staffer both agree that the Griffin is tops and frankly, we want them on every AR we own.

We both like the large levers, you can grab with two fingers that are gloved easily.

It does help with eliminating gas blow back to your face.

Something else we should bring up.  Griffin Armament is ran by good guys.  I have had the pleasure of meeting and going hog hunting with Evan, good guy and a US Vet.   They are making good stuff.


For more details:


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