the market for a 22 rimfire can? A lot of them out there.. What if I told you there was one that could also run on your 5.56 or even a 22-250? In a true rimfire size can?

Can’t be done right? No way a compact rimfire can could withstand the pressures of a 22-250!  Well, it’s here.. the Griffin Armament Optimus Micro and we are going to run it up against the Griffin Armament Reece5 (one of the BEST 5.56 cans on the market)

Quick specs

  • Weight – 8.5 oz
  • Length – 5.28″
  • Diameter
  • Caliber – 17 Mach2 | .17 HMR | .22 Hornet | .22 LR | .22 MAG | .22 WMR | 5.7×28 FN | 5.56mm (.223)
  • User Serviceable
  • Full-Auto Rated
  • Cost – $495.00

Check out the review!



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