During a training class with KR training, I ran the course with a Sig 226 9mm.  I decide to run the last part of the class with my Glock 23c Gen3 with a 3 1/2 pound trigger which I have not used in several years and found that my speed on targets increase dramatically.  Even though I love my Sig and have trained with it for several years I still did better with the 23c.  So I decided to purchase a similar sized 9mm to save money when I train.  So I decide to buy the newly release Glock 19 Gen 4.  I did not like the 5 1/2 trigger so I replaced it with a 3 1/2 pound disconnect from Ghost Inc.  I took it to the range and started shooting it.  I compared it to the 23c and found that even though I liked the way it felt in my hand, I was still more accurate with the 23c and did not care for the Ghost disconnect…still crunch, ugh.  So after we finished shooting a Plethora of others pistol including the new Glock 17 Gen4  we had received for testing, He told me of a company called Venak Customs and that they are suppose to have the best triggers out there but, they were a bit pricey.  I looked Vanek up on the net and called them.  They had released a trigger group for the new Gen 4’s and after talking to Charlie Vanek (Charlie Vanek is a great guy with similar ideas and beliefs about almost everything as me!) I purchase a Vanek Custom Gen 4 custom trigger, $ 130, which I then received in the mail in under a week.  Upon receiving the kit I got on Vakek’s site and install the new group in about 30 minutes, great directions!

Ok time to go to the range!  I set up both paper and steel targets and ran drills I was stoked.  My speed and accuracy had increase dramatically.  I loved the way the Gun handled and the way the trigger feels, the trigger was clean, crisp and light about 2 lbs.  After about 400+ rounds and 5 hours of shooting I knew I finally had a winner.   I couple of weeks later I was invited up to a small ranch to teach a family how to shoot pistols and rifles, I’m a NRA instructor.  I had brought along The Glock 19 gen 4 and several other guns.  There were 2 girls age 10, 15 and 3 boys 12, 16, and 18 plus both parents.  Each had a chance to fire the Glock and loved it.  During the time out there we notice a balloon floating across the field, so I knew it was time to let the air out of it.  It was about 100 yards out and moving from left to right across my field of view, there was a light wind and the balloon was rocking back and forth as it went across the field, I took aim watch the rhythm and took the shot and it was no longer airborne!

I would highly recommend the Glock 19 Gen 4 and the Vanek Custom Trigger Kit.  I don’t know about the average shooter carrying a 2 lbs trigger in a Glock as a carry gun, but I’m completely comfortable with it and for target practice and competition it makes a great combination.

Good Gun


Glock… What else is there to say?

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