I stepped into the gun store looking for a leather holster for my new Glock. What I found, was a polymer holster that had safety, function, and comfort in mind.


M4X front-Silo



As mentioned earlier, when I look to buy a new holster I look for 3 simple things. Safety, function, and comfort. The 3 keys to the perfect holster. The Galco M4X Matrix holster is nothing short of the three. And with a price tag of around $40 bucks on amazon, in my opinion it can’t be beat. There are several holsters in this category, typically ranging from $50-$80.00 such as the Blackhawk Serpa. Personally, I am not a fan of a auto locking holster that locks into the trigger guard. But, to each their own I suppose.


Blackhawk Serpa Holster

Manufacturer’s Description

Offering a high level of security but an extremely fast draw, the M4X ALH™ is the latest addition to Galco’s burgeoning Matrix™ holster line. Galco’s patented locking device retains the pistol until the ergonomic and intuitive thumb-release lever is depressed, instantly releasing the pistol for a quick, smooth draw.




Look and Feel

In my 15 years of shooting, I have never had an auto locking holster. I have owned everything from Uncle Mike’s budget brand holster, to the most expensive Galco over the shoulder leather. When I went to buy the holster, I was again looking for a Galco brand leather, preferably the Summer Comfort. I have owned 2 of these, one for my XD Service, and one for my XD-m 3.8. Honestly, at first glance I would have never bought this holster. From a distance (at the shop they have the holster’s behind the counter and it is kind of hard to see the details of it), the holster looked like a play-toy. Almost cheap looking. But then I saw the giant “GALCO HOLSTERS” logo across the top and, I have NEVER had a single issue with quality or functionality from Galco. So I asked to look at it. The store clerk was actually wearing a Glock 19, which, as many of you may know, is the same exact gun as the 23. So he demonstrated. I played with the release lever, inspected the rivets that held the holster together, and inspected where it locked into the breach. I decided to purchase. I went in expecting to spend somewhere around $90.00 for a new holster. However, in this economy I am always looking for a deal. With a price-tag of $35.00 (Retail is around 40, but they were on sale) I said what they hay, its only $35.00.


Galco holsers Summer Comfort Inside Pant Holster

Galco Summer Comfort inside-the-waistband holster


Function, Safety, Comfort

As I brought the holster home, I immediately unboxed it and started to play with it. I’m a child with toys. Aren’t we all? Pushing the breach release lever watching it go up and down, inspecting every corner of the holster before inserting my 23. As I seated the firearm into the holster for the first time, it made a sliding noise then a click. Something I am not familiar with as I have always used leather or nylon (early days). It actually goes hand and hand with the locking mechanism. Galco specifically designed this product out of polymer (or thermoplastic as galco would like to say) so that you can hear it without seeing. This is a HUGE plus for me, because I am BIG on safety, but also on functionality. Which takes me into my next fear with locking holsters. I have never been a fan of this design for the simple fact that well, that word “locking” keeps repeating itself to me. Galco has solved this for me, personally, with the Matrix. The thumb release lever is so intuitively and ergonomically placed, that when you go to draw your gun, you have no choice but to hit the release lever. I can’t get enough. The safety of this is holster is unmatched. While wearing this holster with the firearm seated and locked, it is impossible to remove it without pressed the lever. I am not by any means a weak person and I tried my best to remove it without pressing the lever. It doesn’t budge, not even a little.


So I guess you all are asking yourself how does it fit? It has safety and functionality, but does it have comfort? I asked myself this very same question. The holster itself is very hard, durable plastic and doesn’t seem like it would be very comfortable. The paddle design of this holster is wonderful. It features a wide paddle attached to the back made of slightly more flexible polymer than the firearm seating area. This paddle is good for people small to big (Im 230 lb’s, and it fits my leg like a glove). It fits very nice and snug to my thigh and conforms to it.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for a good, high quality auto locking holster on a budget, then this holster is DEFINITELY for you. It features safety features found in those priced quite a bit higher, and personally the fact that it locks into the breach instead of the trigger guard was enough for me to buy it and give it a try. They make these holster’s in a variety of models and I would suggest next time you go buy a holster, give it a try, you will not be sorry. Thanks for reading.

Robbie N.

Owner of FullMetalTactics.com

Concealed Handgun Permit holder, 15 Years of shooting experience

By: Robbie Newman

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