I purchased this scope a few months ago for use on an AR-15 rifle. I wanted an optic that would be useful at close to medium range, since I intended to use this rifle for predator & pest/critter control.

Pros: well constructed, mil/mil reticle & adjustments, rubberized magnification ring, dual red/green illumination, affordable price, 30mm tube

Cons: large eyepiece interferes with some models of BUIS on rail-top platforms like AR-15

I have had good luck with falcon scopes in the past, and for the price they really continue to impress me. The others have been sold over the years, but this one is going to be staying a long time. I really like this for the role I am using it in, and I do find the illumination to be useful in low light situations. It is bright enough to be daytime visible, and the glass is pretty darn good for the price.I do not find the capped turrets to be a hinderance, since i’m not doing a lot of dialing for range/wind. The reticle is well thought out, and is very friendly when doing the old “kentucky windage”, which works fine for me when shooting at undesireable four legged critters. It also works pretty well on perched magpies, which was the very first thing I “eliminated” with this rifle/scope combination right after building it.

Make no mistake, this scope is not on par with nightforce and similar such optics, but it also doesn’t cost upwards of a thousand dollars. I don’t know that I trust it enough to take it to war or anything, but it certainly works well enough for pest control around here. I would recommend this to someone looking for an affordable optic for close-medium range work in a non-critical situation (aka not mil/LEO use). I will probably buy another one of these for a .22 project in the near future.

By: Brad Woodard

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