EOTech Holographic Sight review

I recently purchased an EO tech Holographic sight for my AK-47. My idea was to use it to allow fast aquisition of target ,by leaving both eyes open all the time, and it fulfills this task nicely. The brightness of the hologram is adjustable which is great for changing light conditions.The auto off feature insures the long life of the battery.

It is a little pricey at and around $500.00. The hologram is pixelated at best.It just may be the nature of the hologram technology ,but it seems out of focus . It takes getting use to.

It is well made and ,as sights go looks good mounted. I also purchased the weather cover for it ,which has pop up lense covers.

I would recomend this sight to anyone especially ,if it was on sale.

By: Thomas Blessing

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