By Staff Writer: Kurt Gruber

For years avid sportsmen and competitive shooters alike have searched for a backup sight solution for scoped AR type rifles that wouldn’t land the competitor in the Open Division.  Enter Barry Dueck, IPSC Grand Master and top 3 gun shooter, from Team Surefire.  In addition to being a Director in Surefire’s Suppressor Division Barry also had started his own firm, Dueck Defense (  Dueck Defense’s single produce, the Rapid Transition Sight (RTS) system, is a new spin on the age old iron sight system that has been implemented on M16/AR15 type rifles since their introduction.

The RTS features an AR front sight post and an AR style rear peep sight that are set on an approximately 45 degree angle of axis from the top rail on the rifle.  The RTS system can be installed by any shooter with only a flat head screwdriver.  The sights are designed to be used by either right handed or left handed shooters, however lefties must deal with both the rear sight and the sight post being “backwards.”



The sights provide a very accurate secondary sighting system which is immune to EMP or battery failure and is accurate as far as the shooter can shoot with the standard “top of gun” AR open sights.  Remember the Marine Corps still qualifies riflemen with this sighting system to over 500 yards.  Available aftermarket upgrades that a shooter could consider would be replacing the sight in the front sight post with a smaller sight for better accuracy, an XS Sight System ( big dot for faster target acquisition at closer ranges, or a tritium front site from XS or another manufacturer.

Dueck Defense RTS in action at TXMG 2012

Barry Discusses the RTS sights with 3 Gun Nation

In my opinion, offset irons are necessary for any tactical or sporting scoped AR type rifle.  I believe that the Dueck Defense RTS is one of the finest options on the market because of the fact that they are the same old sight that everyone who shoots AR’s is used too, just at an angle.  I have a set on every scoped AR I own and highly recommend them.

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Kurt is a semi-pro 3 gun shooter and a member of the Adams Arms 3 Gun Team. Kurt has been involved in competitive shooting for about 13 years and has competed in a number of disciplines from USPSA pistol, to 3 Gun, and most recently Precision Rifle.
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