I’ve got one of these for my 3″ 1911 to use for my every day carry.

First off, let me state that I don’t normally like plastic holsters.

I absolutely love this thing. It’s slim, it’s got adjustable retention (got a hair dryer?), it clips onto my belt tightly and stays where I put it. The best part of this holster is that even with good firm retention, not only does the pistol not rattle, bounce or slide around, it’s still got a smooth, easy draw that is fairly quiet for a plastic holster. It’s very lightweight, and low profile. I’m not 100% sure, but I think they only come in black (he might have other colors, but I dunno), but my belt is black anyway so it doesn’t make a difference for me.  It’s also got a slide shield that covers the safety (helps prevent accidentally deactivating the thumb safety during normal carry and keeps the cold slide off your skin). It’s a great holster for rainy weather and let’s face it, I’m in Florida… there’s a 30% chance that if I go out any given day, wearing my normal T-shirt and jeans, that I could be caught in a downpour with no umbrella… I definitely don’t want to be carrying cowhide or horsehide holsters on days like that. Get them wet and it takes forever for them to fit right again, if you can get it back to that point at all.

All in all, good stuff. They’re also inexpensive at around $20-25 locally or via the website.

By: Christopher Lowe

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