The Daniel Defense Lite Rail (12.0)

Recently I picked up this rail system to add to my beloved Colt 6920.

It was the first rail I had purchased for my AR, and my armorer’s skills were,  well, what armorer’s skills.

I purchased an Armorer’s Tool and some vice blocks and started on my way.

Right out of the box this thing was solid. So solid the AR wouldn’t even be needed for HD, i could just wield this beast of a rail around the house!

The rail came with a set of very simple instructions, ladder rail covers, screws, barrel nut, and the required barrel nut wrench.

After reading over the instructions and watching a quick youtube video, i was on my way to installation.

It was actually a very simple, straightforward, installation.

The hardest part was getting the factory barrel nut assembly off.

Once the barrel nut was installed, the rail very easily slide over the barrel and lined up perfectly with the proprietary nut.

After a few minutes of tightening the 6 provided screws, it was complete.

It gave my AR a sleek, modern look, and stays true to its “lite” name.

I would definitely reccommend this rail to anyone looking to update their AR with some rail space while keeping a light weight build light weight.

As always daniel defense makes solid products and i will continue to support their business!

By: Greg Messer

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