Disclaimer: This review is based on my opinion, I have only been shooting hand guns for the last 1.5 years.  I have shot (not owned) Brownings, HK’s, Sigs, XD,s , Colts, Rugers and S&W’s.

 This is a review of a CZ P-01.

 The P-01 is a Browning HP-style short recoil DA/SA with a decocking lever and no manual safety. The frame is forged aluminum, steel slide with internal slide rails.

 Trigger, out of the box, is not great in DA of SA. The SA improves a lot after 500 rounds. After break in becomes very smooth, reset is nice and positive, camming is acceptable. DA only gets used once every 15 rounds but improves a little but is still heavy. The decocker drops the hammer to half cocked which shortens the DA pull by half, which is nice.

After doing a trigger job on this gun the SA is amazing, light, crisp with no camming, DA is much lighter (would not want it any lighter) still not as smooth as I would like. I plan on doing more polishing to improve the DA pull. The Trigger job consist of a reduced hammer spring, reduced trigger spring, reduced firing pin block spring, light polishing and a Cajun Gun Works Race Hammer. The hammer is what give it a crisp no camming feel.

Ergonomics of this gun is great, it feel like it was made for my hand. With the exception of the mag release. It is awkward, but I have not found a gun that isn’t to me. I did change out the grips to thin aluminum grips which helps.

Shooting the gun is fun. I shoot better with it than any thing else I have picked up. I is very reliable I have had one failure to fire and 2 failure to feed in 3100+/- rounds. I did have multiple failures in on mag but that was operator error, during a KR training class I dropped the mag in sand.

 Bottom line: I really like this gun before modifications I love it after.



Aluminum alloy frame
Trigger mechanism- DA/SA
Decocker only
Caliber- 9 x 19mm
Capacity- 14 + 1 rounds
Weight- 27oz with empty magazine
Over all Length- 7.2 in
Barrel length- 3.9 in
Width- 1.4 in
Height- 5.3 in
Grips- Checkered black rubber(soft)
Sights- Notch and post three dot.
Finish- Black poly coat.

By: Russell

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