CZ Custom Shop CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target Pistol Review

Beautiful gun! Absolutely perfect in design, execution, craftsmanship, ergonomics, handling and shooting! The gun feels like it was cut out of one billet of steel.  Buttery smooth double action take-up and crisp short single action trigger.  Heavy up front for steady marksmanship with a set of Coco Bola checkered grips panels that ensure a superior purchase.  This is the ultimate CZ. Yes, yes, I know, it is more than twice the price of the Glock your unemployable red headed step son who lives in the basement loves and brags about. There’s a reason he’s enamored by the plastic striker fired extremely cheap to manufacture Austrian tool and it isn’t the same reason you’d buy the CZ. Go ahead and treat yourself to a once in a lifetime example of shear contempt for the ordinary and get the SP-O1 Shadow Target. You’ll never look back because you’ll be looking forward to your next range session.

By: Daniel Payne

3 Responses to CZ Custom Shop CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Target Pistol Review

  1. Robert Croke says:

    Oh Dan…never mind, your heritage is English isn’t it? Don’t have red hair Dan, but my favorite gun is a CZ PCR. Some of my kids have red hair, as do some of our grand children, but then again all have great jobs and careers. No need to be smug here Dan, we’re all shooters…every one of us on this page!

  2. Robert Croke says:

    Hello Dan…may I ask, what is this red headed stepson comment? Guess you’re not of Irish or Scotch descent yourself. Mind me inquiring why you included that in your post? Also, what might your national background be?

    • gary hearn says:

      You never heard the term “red headed stepchild” before? Wow, what cave have you been in? Do yourself a favor before embarrassing yourself again. Read about the phrase,shut your mouth,lighten up.Got it?

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