CZ 75 SA 9mm / 22lr upper Review

The CZ75 is one of my favorite handguns, it just feels right in my hand.  It’s very ergonomic and like a 1911, points naturally.   I can pick a target out, close my eyes and push the gun up and out, open my eyes instantly pick up the front sight right on target.

We decided to get a CZ 75 in single action with a twist:

  • 22 LR upper  added
  • trigger job from the CZ custom shop
  • wood grips
The guys at CZ were very accommodating with my requests and turned the trigger job around in 2 days.
We have ran probably 1500 rounds through the it with of all types of 9mm ammo,  from 115 Winchester White box FMJ to Atlanta Arms 147g JHP gold dot Team Glock load.  All loads shot to point of aim and we had zero malfunctions with any of the ammo, even during the first few mags.
The single stage trigger breaks right at 4lbs and is very crisp with just the ever, ever so slight perception of take up if you are shooting very slow for groups and with a very nice short reset.  It is not quite up to a really nice 1911 trigger if you are picky like me, but it’s damned close and shooting fast the slight take up disappears.
The gun stays on target and shoots very flat, the added weight of the steel frame really soaks up the (marginal) recoil of the 9mm but it is smoother for sure than say a Glock 19.
Swapping uppers is a simple task, push the slide back and push the pin out and slide it forward.
Very familiar process to most pistol shooters for takedown.
The 9mm upper has adjustable sights that were set out of the box right on the money.
The gun chewed up every type of 22lr we put through it with no issues whatsoever.
The obvious benefit is being able to train 22 ammo with the same gun, feel and trigger.
The CZ75 SA is an extremely well made gun, the finish is even applied, no tooling marks visible, the gun is very obviously well made with lots of attention to detail.   It shoots nice tight groups and we were getting 2″ at 25 yards off the bench.
It’s very easy to dump a mag into a fist sized group fast at 15 yards.
I really wish more people would get their hands on CZs, they are one of the best kept secrets of the gun industry.
We own several CZ rifles and think highly of them all.







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