CRUX SUPPRESSORS: New from Templar Tactical Firearms

May 1 2014, The Woodlands, TX

Templar Tactical Firearms announces CRUX SUPPRESSORS, a new division for the Texas based company.  Many of you are familiar with the suppressors like the Archangel, ARK30 and Nemesis30 that have been featured on TacticalGunReview.  These suppressors are the product of Curtis Proske, owner of Templar Tactical Firearms.  They have been extremely well received within the high end shooting community and are known for their POI repeat-ability, accuracy and sound suppression.

Curtis decided to create a division within Templar Tactical Firearms for the suppressors and decided on the name CRUX, as in the “crux of the problem” .  His designs addressed some of the common problems associated with a lot of the suppressors on the market such as inconsistent point of impact shifts, inaccuracy, excessive weight, and marginal sound suppression.

Having a division soley for the suppressors fits in with the growing product line from Templar Tactical Firearms such as their precision bolt action rifles and several exciting things that are forthcoming.

How good are they?

How about just setting the record for the longest suppressed shot at 3670 yards at the National Guard Sniper competition?  

Check out their website:





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