I received, second hand after some hard-use, a Trijicon ACOG TA31F w/ red chevron.  I quickly mounted it on my AR-15 (Olympic Arms Lower, RRA Mid Length Upper, Barrel Fluted by ADCO Firearms).

I have since shot competition and conducted personal training, and despite dings, scuffs, cracks in the fiber optics, losing a cap for the adjustment dial, and dragging it in my truck while moving to 4 different states, that scope keeps on trucking.


Other than adjusting for new ammo types, it has needed no adjustment to keep the zero.  It is always ready to perform, brightly lit and waiting to paint red on a target.  I find the reticule to be super intuitive, and, sans any detailed computation, has been able to keep rounds on target out to 300 yds even in stiff wind (~15 kts).  I only wish I could play with it further out….

By: Stephen Hall

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