Asap stands for Ambidextrious Sling Attachment Plate and it is a brilliant piece of equipment produced by the innovative company MAGPUL.

I bought this to use in conjunction with a single point sling for ease of use in tactical cqb situations.

The ASAP plate comes with the plate and shims for installation.

The install was very simple. I simply took off my stock, “cracked” the castle nut, unscrewed the buffer tube, took off the existing end plate, replaced it with the ASAP plate, put everything back together, and installed the anti rotational shims.

The plate is a very solid piece of equipment. It works flawlessly with the Magpul Ms3 and would work just as well with any single point sling.

The ASAP allows quick shoulder transitions allowing for rapid switching between left and right shoulder shooting should your situation require it.

Based on ease of use, installation, and quality, i would give the ASAP a 10/10,

and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new end plate for their AR.

By: Greg Messer

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