The GG&G FLT mount, available with either a traditional cross bolt picatinny attachment, or the GG&G QD accucam QD lever attachment, is one of the lightest mounts of its type on the market, and certainly in its price category.

I took it out for a Carbine class with Trace Armory Group ( this past winter and it performed well, even in the snow and rain.

The light weight was certainly the first factor that drove me to this as a choice for my 3-gun rifle, but being on a tight budget, the affordability was a nice factor as well.

So far the finish has held up well, but I do have one complaint.

After training in the rain for a while and not sufficiently cleaning and lubricating the scope rings (who does that?), the scope ring screws have rusted. I have requested a replacement set from GG&G, and we’ll see what comes of it.

You can read more about the product here:


By: Jan Bingen

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