I recently installed this piece in my dad’s old rem 1100 for my first 3 gun match…Works Great…requires a little patience, but worth the effort and at a great price.

I recommend watching several youtube videos before attempting, and be VERY CAREFUL when you are in the action area of the gun after you remove the trigger assembly….you can slice your fingers in the carrier rails really bad if you’re not careful and aware of it…NOBODY in any of the videos said a word about it…be safe.

I was fortunate not to have to “tune” mine as it runs the ammo I wanted without adjustment so I feel lucky in that respect.  Nice fit and can still snag a thumb, but REALLY speeds up the reloading process and in my opinion, a must for remington owners that want to shoot 3 gun (until I can get a custom benelli:)

By: Jason Grant

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