After serving 7 years in the 82nd I was retired due to injuries that I sustained in OEF. I felt lost in the civilian world and decided to find a healthy and productive outlet. I found that shooting and practicing tactical drills worked for me but after running my FN SCAR 17S with irons for a while I decided it was time to gte an optic.

I had always trusted Trijicon but at the time I did not have enough funds for an ACOG so I purchased an EO-Tech XPS-3-2. The optic was not bad but it simply was not an ACOG. I longed for the ACOG’s Clarity, Magnification and awesome Reticles with BDC that would allow me to take those 3-400 meter shots. I have since returned my Eo-Tech and am saving up for a TR-11 or TA64 with .308 reticle.

That being said I am also looking at Accupoints, But in relation to the product review all I can say is that after spending countless hours behind an ACOG and trusting it with my life, I can honestly say that it is definetly the most durable / night mission capable / accurate from low to medium ranges and trustworthy optic avaiable in that price range. If you would be looking at making adjustments I would consider an ACOG using a FFP design with low profile adjustment knob that would easly adjust for longer shots…This is the only thing that The ACOG is missing “more maginfiation on demand.”


SGT. Victor Alejando (RET)

By: Victor Alejandro

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