I recently purchased my springfield xd(m) 9mm back in April and so far i have put about 800 roundsd through it and I absolutely love it! I usually shoot the winchester or federal 115 grain rounds and It runs no problem. I did have one failue to fire while using Russian steel cased ammo but i attribute that to the round and not the gun. This was my very first gun purchase and im glad i went with the xd(m). 


First off, the gun looks amazing. It has aggressive cuts it the polymer handgrip that offer added grip support and give the gun a nice look. It also has cocking serations toward the front and rear of the slide to help rack the slide and also add to the look. The xd(m) comes with three interchangeable backstraps so you can fit the gun to your hand. These backstraps are a pain to change out since you need a punch and hammer to knock out a pin. I wish they made it a little easier so i could change the backstrap back and forth while me and my girlfriend shoot.

The xd(m) has two safety’s. It has a traditional safety in the backstrap similiar to a 1911 where the gun wont shoot unless you have a proper firing grip. There also is a safety in the trigger where in order for it to operate you must depress the middle safety before the trigger goes all the way back. It is a striker fired gun and you can clearly see the striker indicator out the rear of the slide when it is cocked. there is also a loaded chamber indicator on the top of the slide indicating there is a round in the chamber. However I would not rely on these features, all though they are nice and work, it is better safe than sorry and I always assume the gun is loaded at all times.

The gun comes in a nice package from the springfield factory and includes one paddle holster, 2 magazines, speed loader, belt pouch, 3 backstraps, locking cable, empty shell casing, and a manual. You can find the 4.5 inch 9mm for anywhere from $550- $650 depending on the store.

All in all, with everything included in the package for the price and the accuracy and reliable from the gun, i would recommend it to any level of shooter!

By: mike cinicolo

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