I just ordered 2 complete uppers for my AR lower. One a CQB type (red dot/open sight) and one a long range type (scope). The first impression was awesome, color and style were great, parts quality, great.

After lubrication and initial inspection of the CQB type all was good until the first shot. After a failure to eject situation I then loaded a second round and no ejection. I completely disassembled the upper and found that it was a gas issue due to a improperly drilled gas block. I phoned Rguns and they are promptly sending me a replacement gas block to correct my ejection issue. The second upper I test fired functioned flawlessly!! Couldn’t be happier and after a barrel break in was shooting impressive .5 inch groups at 100 yards! Great uppers and barrels for the price, I would order more if I needed them!

By: Casey Baggett

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