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Condor Outdoor Products has been in the outdoors/camping accessory market for some 25 years and initially started out with backpacks and other camping gear. They were drawn into tactical gear as terrorism exploded and demand for tactical cases/packs increased dramatically. Their 3-day pack got so much attention that it became the heart of their tactical gear line. Condor Outdoor Products is now offering an “Elite” line of gear distinguished by its high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Condor Single Rifle Case
The Condor Single Rifle case is a tactical style rectangular nylon case with 3 large utility/magazine pouches and a large 2nd compartment. It is available in 3 colors (OD, Blk, Tan) and two sizes, 36” and 42” and retails for $65 – $70. It is designed for tactical/assault type weapons such as the AK-47, AR-15, etc. The exterior dimensions are 13” H x 37” W x 3” D.

This case is made from a nylon type fabric similar to Denier 1000D nylon. I’m not sure if it is Denier or not but it is a very tough and durable fabric. The dual zippers are heavy duty metal and operate very smoothly. They feature a pull on each zipper that is easy to grab even in the dark. The case padding is ¾” thick and should be sufficient to prevent damage in the event that you drop or fall while carry the case. Everything is double stitched and should stay together for a very long period of time. I can’t see this case ever coming apart. The inside is lined with a finer nylon type fabric and padding all around.

The Condor case has 2 modular magazine pouches that can hold up to 14 M4 magazines securely. A heavy duty Velcro fastener and a compression strap secures them very well. They’re not going anywhere. Don’t plan on getting them out in a hurry either! The compression straps are quick to release but the Velcro can take some effort to separate.

The single modular utility pouch is located in the center and is large and roomy. It has a heavy duty Velcro fastener and 2 compression straps. It’s a great pouch for small tools, ammo, spare optics or cleaning items.

There is a 26” long front compartment behind the modular pouches that can store anything from a couple of handguns to optics or knives. This compartment is zippered and not Velcroed.

The case handles are made from the same tough nylon as the case and are double stitched. There is also a nylon/Velcro handle wrap that holds both handles together. The Velcro is really strong on this wrap and can take some serious effort to undue. I’m not big on handle wraps on tactical gun cases. I can’t see the need plus it’s a pain to undo….even harder when you’re stressed, out of breath and in a hurry!
The gun compartment is well padded and has 2 Velcro straps that secure the weapon in place. They hold the weapon very securely too. This is a great feature for packing a weapon securely on a hike or transporting it BUT if you need to get the weapon into action quickly, forget it! Unzipping both zippers, pulling 2 Velcro straps off and then inserting a magazine ( the case will not accommodate an AR or AK with the magazine inserted unless it’s maybe a 5 round magazine) will take more time than you might have. It really depends on what you want the case to do.

The Condor Single Rifle Case is well made and designed and it’s priced right too. It has plenty of storage pouches plus a large 26” long compartment. I really like the Velcro straps that hold the rifle securely but at the same time it prevents quick access to the weapon. For transportation, this is a great feature but for combat, it’s not unless you’re a sniper. It just takes too long to unzip the case and then undo 2 heavy duty Velcro straps especially if you’re under duress and out of breath. Picture yourself being woken up at 2:00 am by an intruder. You have to get the case out, unzip both zippers, pull 2 Velcro straps free, pull the weapon out of the case, load a magazine and cycle the action. Same goes for combat or SHTF. You don’t want to be fumbling with a case when time is of the essence. If you store your weapons in a case at all times then look for something else like a Bulldog. If you keep your firearms uncased and ready then the Condor is a good transportation case. I keep all my guns cased but accessible (unzipped).

Aside from the defensive scenario above, I don’t even like taking this case to the shooting range. It’s a bit bulky and just requires too much effort to remove a firearm. I prefer a simple, single zippered case that fits the rifle well….just unzip and go. The Velcro handle wrap is overkill and not needed in my opinion. When it’s fastened, it’s a bear to undo.

Compression straps are very useful but I’m not so sure on a tactical gun case. On a backpack, they’re great to keep things from jiggling around and compress the size of the backpack. On a gun case they are somewhat of a nuisance. In my opinion they are just bling. There are just too many fasteners on this case. When they are undone, they dangle all over the place. I think compression straps belong on suitcases and backpacks.

Same goes for the case handle strap/wrap. The Velcro is way too heavy duty on this strap. It takes some serious prying to get it undone. I just don’t see a real need to have the 2 handles secured together. However, it does provide a wider purchase for your hand but for long hauls, I would make use of the shoulder sling.

For what I use a tactical gun case for, the Condor Single Rifle Case does not satisfy. I prefer more simple/practical transportation or storage cases.

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Kevin Mazza is a NRA member, experienced hunter, shooter and reloader and has written hundreds of firearm related articles and reviews. Kevin is the owner and editor of The Ammo Blog.

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