I purchased this Burris scope a while back for a multi-purpose AR carbine. Mostly this was my “truck gun” in case I stumbled across a ‘yote or other pest while out in the boonies. I have mixed feelings about it, which is why I decided to review it here.

Pros: 30mm tube, available in black or FDE anodizing, reticle is nice

cons: lack of tactical turrets, illumination controls are not user friendly, burris’ typical rotating eyepiece

I chose a tan model with the ballistic CQ reticle. This reticle is excellent for close-in work or for things like 3-gun shooting. I’ve been seeing a ton of these on three gun rifles, and I think that is where it really shines. The glass was fine for the price level, and it felt very well made. If anything, it was heavier than it needed to be. I had no problems with it holding zero and such, it is a reliable optic.

My main gripe is the illumination. It has a one-button control, but mine was an absolute pain-in-the-rear to turn off. Perhaps I just got a lemon, but I do not really care for this control style compared to a dial. The other thing that did not work for me is the rotating eye piece. For some reason, Burris thinks it is handy to have the entire occular turn with the magnification ring. This little feature resulted in two broken butler creek caps, and at around $10 a pop I was not really amused by that. Clearly they got the message on this, because their new mtac line has done away with this feature.

Buy this scope if you are looking for something for 3-gun or a similar shooting style. If you are looking for a do-all CQB type optic for your SHTF carbine, this ain’t it. I replaced this with the 1.5-5x falcon scope, which I have also submitted a review on, and I am much happier with that choice for my intended purpose.

By: Brad Woodard

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