AR15 Performance 6.8SPC 16″ Recon Review

AR15 Performance 6.8SPC 16″ Recon

I had Harrison at AR15 Performance build this upper with a 16″ lightweight polyaganol Lothar barrel, 1 in 11.25 twist and the DMR chamber.

The handguard is a Troy Extreme.

This gun matched with my built lower, Rock River kit, Gieselle SSA trigger, ACE Skeleton stock and Trijicon TR24 makes for a very lightweight yet lethal hunting rig.

Numerous deer and hogs have taken the long dirt nap as a result.

Harrison KNOWS the 6.8 SPC cartridge and has helped push the boundaries of what it can do.
I was able to handload the hottest loads, almost always Barnes bullets to well beyond any factory loading due to the proper specs of barrel twist and chamber.

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