Chantilly, VA, January 13, 2012 – Aimpoint, the originator and worldwide leader in electronic red
dot sighting technology, is excited to announce that the Telluric Group will now provide a Close
Combat Optic (CCO) training course to military units and law enforcement organizations in the
USA in support of the company’s products. Aimpoint has partnered with Telluric Group to offer
training that will teach official users how to maximize the effectiveness of their weapon systems
when combined with the strength of Aimpoint products.
“The performance of any company’s products is only as effective as the knowledge and expertise
of the end user – this is why training is so important” said Matt Swenson, Vice President of
Government Sales at Aimpoint. “By partnering with the Telluric Group, Aimpoint now has the
ability to provide official users a high level of training in the application and use of our products.
This ensures that they will be able to utilize their Aimpoint equipment effectively, and allows us to
impart the lessons and tactics learned over more than 15 years of combat experience with these
The Aimpoint CCO Training Course includes a short classroom brief followed by two days of
intensive live-fire training. Course topics include Aimpoint product mounting, operation, and
maintenance, as well as zeroing procedures, basic ballistics, CCO marksmanship fundamentals,
standard and non-standard shooting positions, and engagement of targets from CQB to
extended ranges. Use of Aimpoint accessory items such as the 3X Magnifier, Concealed
Engagement Unit, and LPI aiming lasers are covered as well.
Telluric Group, LLC is a US defense and security contractor founded in 2004 and headquartered
in Glynco, GA. The company provides elite-level training at their state-of-the-art indoor range
facility in Georgia, as well as at Police and Military installations throughout the US. All of their
instructors are former special operations soldiers with extensive training experience.

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