By staff writer: Charles Coker

Looking for a really nice scope mount for your AR15 or AR10?





What are your requirements?

  • Do you really need/want toolless quick detach?  How often do you need to be able to remove the scope in the field?
  • Are you shooting long range and need a +20MOA base to get the elevation you need?
  • Perfect return to zero if removed
  • Super solid construction and lockup for a precision build for accuracy

Check out the AADMOUNT 20 MOA scope mount with the following features:

  • 20 MOA cant built into it
  • built in bubble to make sure your rifle is level, crucial for long range use
  • reliable return to zero
  • ultra rigid design with 3 lugs to interface with the picatinny rail on your rifle
  • Grade 8 machine bolts
  • Large clamping area to offer a much more solid interface than other mounts
  • Recommended on 50 cal rifles
  • Option to run 45 degree picatinny top strap for mounting a MRD, Aimpoint T1, etc..
  • 30mm (with reducers to go down to 1″)
  • 35mm (with reducers to go down to 34mm)
  • Made in the USA!
  • Guranteed to return to zero within .5 MOA

I honestly believe this is the most well engineered and executed mount available for your AR.  It is also lightweight, comparable to other mounts so there is no weight penalty for such a robust design.  It mounts very cleanly, nothing to snag on, and in my testing returns to zero within the specs as advertized.

AADMOUNT 20MOA AR SCOPE MOUNT AADMOUNT 30mm AR15 Scope mount left side view AADMOUNT 30mm AR15 scope mount AADMOUNT30mm AR15 Scope Mount rear view with bubble

Check it out..





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