If you are familiar with firearms and have been using them for some time, then experience is on your side; however, there is always a way to be extra careful. There are simple and effective practices that you can apply to keep a safe environment for you and everyone around you. These five ways to keep your firearm safe and ready will provide essential details on how to clean, store, and maintain your guns.

Keep It Locked

An excellent way to keep your gun safe and away from everyone is with a locked cabinet. You can choose a particular place in your house to store it, but make sure that you can keep it locked away. Another option is to purchase a special cabinet for guns that keep them safely stowed away at the right temperature. They are also easy to move in case you want to relocate your equipment.

Use Safety Locks

Most guns have safety locks to prevent the weapon from firing without your consent; sometimes you can drop your gun by accident, causing it to discharge. To prevent this, always use the safety locks when you are not using your gun. You can also use external locks. Some will slide between the trigger and the guard to prevent gun firing.

Keep It Lubed

When there is friction between two pieces of metal, the performance of a machine will decrease with time. To keep a gun functional and ready, you must constantly keep it lubed. Plasma nitride coating is a long-term solution. The benefits of having a long-lasting, high-quality coating that acts as lubrication while keeping your gun protected will save you time and money.

Use it

The best way to keep your firearm safe and ready is to constantly use it. Depending on what you use it for, it is necessary to keep it active to ensure that it stays ready and that nothing is wrong with it. The worst situation would be if you need to use it after some time, and it’s clogged or stuck. If there are only certain situations in which you would fire your gun, use a training gun range to shoot it.

Clean it

After every use, cleaning it from powder and possible debris that sticks is a basic step. When cleaning a firearm, you need to take some pieces apart, always point the barrel in an empty and safe direction, use specialized tools like brushes and metal cleaner, and never cover the end of the barrel. Make sure that you assemble every piece correctly and store it away.

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Dianne Pajo

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