Quite a number of people overlook the importance of having a gun cleaning mat. It doesn’t matter how careful you are when cleaning your gun, there are high chances of spills and splashes. This is why it is necessary to have a gun cleaning mat that will protect your table or work surface from harsh chemicals and other solvents. On top of that, they also protect your gun from scratches especially if you are moving your weapon around a hard surface.

Gun cleaning mats are specifically designed for gun cleaning and hence feature a leakproof material such that no oil can leak through the mat. The mats are available in different sizes and thicknesses so you can select the one that you like and meets your need. I have researched and hereby provide you with 5 best gun cleaning mats to look for in 2018. They are great mats with soft padded surfaces and nonslip backing that keeps the gun in place.

#1: Yes4All Gun Cleaning Mat Pad

If you are looking for a gun cleaning mat for rifles and shotguns, this is the best pick today. The pad is designed with a high-quality material that doesn’t allow lubricants and solvents to reach your work surface. It provides you with a safe placement on flat surfaces which also protects your weapon. This lightweight and two-sided gun cleaning mat is made to last longer. It has a thick and soft polyester material that doesn’t scratch your gun. There is also a neoprene rubber backing that ensures everything is in place and doesn’t slide while working. When you need to store it, it rolls up easily into a compact shape making it easy to store after cleaning. With this protective gun cleaning mat, you can maintain the condition of your table, bench or desk when cleaning your weapon.

#2: TekMat AR-15 Gun Cleaning Mat

A good gun cleaning mat should not only be leakproof but it should also protect the smooth finish of your gun. This is exactly what you get from the TekMat. The mat features an incredible polyester surface that prevents oils and other solvents from reaching the table surface. It features a quality material that is waterproof, fade and oil resistant and scratchproof. If you want a larger mat where you can disassemble your AR-15 long gun, the mat is best suited for the job. Using the mat is pretty easy because it comes with part diagrams to follow as well as an overview history of the AR 15. The drawing and data printed on this mat educate you more on how firearms operate.

#3: Tipton Gun Cleaning and Maintenance Mat

The Tipton is a greatly sized mat that you can use with a wide range of rifles and equipment. The mat comes at a very affordable price and works well in soaking spills without letting them pass through and reach the table. It has a soft material that doesn’t scratch your firearms. This dark gray mat features a neoprene non-skid back that holds on the working surface. The mat is strong enough to hold all types of damages that result from cleaning chemicals that splash during the cleaning process. In case there is oil and solvent spillage, they are all absorbed in the mat and this ensures you have a clean work surface always. When you are not using the mat, you can roll it easily to fit in a box.

#4: Sage and Braker – Waxed Canvas Gun Cleaning Mat

If you want a nice wool and leather gun cleaning mat, get the Sage and Braker. The mat is a little expensive but spending your money on such a quality mat will guarantee you with a longer life and incredible performance as compared to other cheap mats. This one features top quality materials. The interior is designed in a way that it ensures oils and other lubricants do no stain the material. The outer surface is designed with a high-quality wool and leather material for longevity. The mat is long enough so it can hold even the largest firearms. Additionally, it is thick enough to protect your firearms. You can even take care of your leather items like your matt by purchasing some leather cleaner or conditioner, so everything looks slick and pristine.

It features four pouches that hold your cleaning gear. The space is enough to hold pouches, brushes, CLP, rags, and two bore cleaning kits. When it is not in use, you just need to roll it up and buckle it with the leather straps. This durable gun cleaning mat works wonders in protecting your gun and work area from scratches and damages from lubricants and oils.

#5: Real Avid Smart Mat – Universal Cleaning Mat

This is a versatile gun cleaning mat that is well suited for pistol, rifle, and shotgun. The mat is designed with a non-slip backing grips that ensure it stays in place when you are cleaning your gun. With this mat, it is pretty easy to clean and maintain your gun. It is best suited for all types of pistols. Oil and other lubricants are inevitable from spilling when you are cleaning your gun. The mat is designed with a padding that doesn’t soak. You can easily clean any spills and splashes that might occur during the cleaning process. The side of the mat features magnetic parts section that allows you to store your cleaning tools. This is a unique feature that you will not find in many gun cleaning mats.

Final Words

Rifle cleaning mats are very important in protecting your weapon as well as the table. The biggest challenge that many gun owners face is getting a bad mat that leaks and gets everything oily. This is why I dedicated my time to research and testing a wide range of mats to come up with top five best. The above gun cleaning mats are designed from special materials that are leakproof. When gun solvents touch the mat, they remain on the material so it is easy to clean up. I believe you can pick your best product for your long or shotgun from the top list above deepening on which one suits your needs well.


About Gloria Stokes:

Gloria Stokes is a passionate writer and editor who loves to read and write articles over weaponry and loves to travel. She has completed her weapons engineering from the Cranfield University.

Gloria Stokes

Gloria Stokes

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