224 Valkyrie: JP RIFLES

Came across this.. cool info

When I first heard about the .224 Valkyrie I was a bit “meh, another cartridge”… but the more I checked into the more intrigued I became.  Being a long time 6.8 SPC fan for hunting the thought of it being necked down to 22 and new heavy and high BC bullets got me pretty excited.  Also, the thought of some light varmint bullets screaming out of an AR15 platform got my blood pumping.  I came across this video from JP Rifles and thought I would share:

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  1. Mike Woodward says:

    It has me intrigued as well. Have an SCR-11 in 224 Valkyrie on order, which I hope to see some time next month.

    While I am a fan of the 6.5 Grendel, the ballistics on the Valkyrie definitely has my attention.

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