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TRIJICON VCOG (variable powered 1-6 ACOG)

We told you last May about the new Trijicon VCOG.  They are now shipping to dealers and we have one in for testing. Trijicon has combined the legendary toughness and function of its combat-proven ACOG and associated ballistic reticles with a new variable optic. The new Trijicon VCOG (Variable Combat Optical Gunsight) 1-6×24 mm meets the rigorous demands of duty or competition while giving shooters the flexibility to engage CQB targets and out to the maximum effective range of most service rifles.  Tactical Gun Review just got one of the very first VCOGs, check it out!!!


Trijicon Variable Combat Optical Gunsight VCOG

Trijicon VCOG

Tactical Gun Review had the opportunity to handle the new Trijicon VCOG at the NRA Convention in Houston.  The first thing that strikes you is “Quality.”  This is one finely manufactured optic.  The entire unit feels extremely solid.  While it is impossible to really evaluate optics in the harsh confines of a convention hall, the eye relief box is generous and the clarity is amazing when viewing the far back dark corners of the hall.  Controls are sturdy and you can certainly adjust magnification while wearing gloves.