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Springfield XD 45 Extraction / Ejection Problems

I just had a problem with an XD 45acp 4 inch pistol. The pistol was having to extraction and ejection problems and the empty was staying in the chamber. I searched high and low online for a reason and found nothing. So this post may be the answer if your XD has the same troubles. I’m going to have to eat some crow on this one as it was my fault, not the gun’s.


Springfield XD and XDM Review

Today I want to discuss Springfield Armory XD and XDM’s. I have a pile of these things and there’s a reason for it. I think it to be the best thing going in handguns and my first choice for a defensive pistol. I have 7 of them. 3 in 45 acp and 4 in 9mm. 5 are at the house and my weapon “stashes” I mentioned in the Food for Thought series each have one in them elsewhere. 2 are XDM’s, the others are a combination of 5 inch Tacticals, 4 inch service models and 1 subcompact I carry a lot. Rather than repeat myself over and over I just decided to do them all in one review.


T-26 Tanker Garand Review


I picked up a little sweetheart a day ago. I was in my usual Johnsons Sporting goods in Adrian MI and was just about to leave. I hadn’t seen anything that caught my eye and was saying goodbye to my man Smitty in there when I turned and saw her. A Tanker Garand 🙂 I’ve always admired those carbine versions of “the greatest single battle implement ever devised by man.” This little girl is in great shape. At $800 I figured if I didn’t like it I could recoup my money on as they regularly sell for more. So we went home together.


Springfield Armory GI 45 1911A1


This morning I want to discuss Springfield Armory’s WW2 Commemorative GI 45. I bought one of these to add to my WW2 gun collection, most guns I have in that section of my collection are originals but this was a nice piece and priced right.  A little over $500. In the end I wanted a functioning example is all, so it fit the ticket.