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Silencerco Salvo – Is it worth it?

With movies making silencers out to be tools of an assassin like the move ‘No Country for Old Men’, our not so friendly liberal left has ammunition to keep the legislation of deregulation off the table.  The stigma attached to some of these items is hard to overcome. Not to mention the fact that silencer technology had been slowly creeping up until the last few years. Recently we have seen an explosion of silencer technology from a large number of innovative companies such as Silencerco.  They have released a good number of industry firsts and there seems to be no slow down of that trend for them. One silencer that I’ve been itching to try is the Salvo.  A 12ga shotgun silencer that attaches via a choke tube adaptor. I managed to spend the weekend at my annual West Texas Dove Hunt using one and my impressions are positive.