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Consumer Handgun Review: Ruger LCP

So I have finally decided to get my CCW and to carry a personal defense weapon.  It’s been in my mind for a few years, but recent events have got me on track.  So what to carry?  Revolver, large frame, small frame, what caliber?  You could spend weeks trying to search for the right answer. Problem is, only the individual who is going to carry a weapon can make the choice for them.  So I looked at various makes and models for my decision.  Some folks say bigger is better, and I tend to agree to some point.  Others say don’t use anything less than a certain caliber.  


Ruger LCP review

I purchased my Ruger LCP a year ago. I have loved everything about it. I bought it for self-defense and it is has been the perfect gun for me to carry around as part of my concealed carry rotation. I like it because it is so small and very easy to conceal in my front pocket. I carry it with jeans and it just looks like a wallet. Def a great purchase and you can’t beat the price.