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Rock River Arms LAR-8 20″ Varmint Review

Got my new rifle today. The Rock River Arms LAR-8 Varmint. It’s a 20 inch heavy free floated barrel 308 cal AR. This was an unexpected purchase for me. Tell you a quick story. My dog/best friend Jack pictured in many of my reviews passed away 3-15-12 after we spent a day in the field together. I guess he decided that was a wonderful way to end it. Anyway, so I did what any good US Marine/Combat vet does when he lose’s a buddy. I busted open a bottle of Crown Royal and then another. Once I straitened up 48 hours later I have an email from gunbroker asking me how I want to pay for this rifle?? WHAT?? I didn’t buy any rifle?? Oh yes I did. Apparently I bid on it somewhere in that haze and here he is. I don’t know how you guys do it but Marines are supposed to give their rifle a girl’s name. This one time though is different. So we’re going to talk about “Jack” today.