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Silencerco Spectre 2 Suppressor

Silencerco Spectre 2

The Silencerco Spectre 2 suppressor is an outstanding choice for anyone wanting a durable multi-caliber rimfire suppressor.  The Spectre 2 is rated for .22lr of course but also .17 HMR, .22 MAG, .22 WMR, .22 Hornet, and 5.7mm.  I have tested this suppressor on both pistol and rifle and it has delivered as promised.  There is very little “first round pop.”  It is 5.98″ in length and weighs 6.8 ounces.  It is user serviceable – critical in a suppressor firing dirty .22 ammo.  Enjoy the video.


Not So Rimfire Anymore: 17 WSM AR-15 Given Dramatic Upgrade

MORGAN HILL, Calif., April. 22, 2013 — Franklin Armory, maker of quality AR style firearms, announced today that their F 17-L chambered in .17 Winchester Super Magnum will now include a piston system.   Franklin Armory first introduced the F 17-L as the world’s first direct impingement rimfire rifle chambered in .17 WSM at SHOW 2014.  The reception of the rifle was positive with a lot of interest especially from varmint hunters and individuals from California where this firearm would negate the need of a “Bullet Button™.”


From Collector to Prepper Pt. 2 The 22 Long Rifle.

By: Cary Kieffer

Goodmorning, I certainly am not the first guy to go over this but I am the first guy on TGR, so today we will discuss the pro’s/con’s of the 22 long rifle in case “the world as we know it” comes to an end. Is the 22 a necessity for a prepper? I think so.