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Precision Rimfire: A Primer

In the “off season”, if there is such a thing in the shooting world, I try and keep my skills crisp with rimfires. Sometimes it gets downright daunting reloading for a centerfire precision rifle. Enter the lowly, unforgiving, easy to shoot rimfire.
I say unforgiving simply because a rimfire at 50 yards using subsonic ammunition will highlight all of your shooting flaws, (at least for me that is).
A tiny bit too much pressure here, or a slight bit less bipod preload there, and your shot goes wide. It will definitely keep you on your toes, and you will find yourself begin to check off that internal marksmanship checklist.
The first part is the easiest. Picking the rifle. I have rarely come across a .22 rimfire rifle that wouldnt “shoot”. Now, “shooting”, is all relative really. Once you understand the capabilities of the hardware you are using, is when you strive to match its capabilities.