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Deliberate Dynamics Low-Profile Plate Carrier

As stated in a previous article, I’m a big fan of not having metal (or anything, really) pierce my tender flesh. In fact, I have spent a large portion of my life trying to keep metal out of my body. Body armor accomplishes this very well. Rifle plates in particular are an excellent way to prevent bullets from entering your body. But what if you don’t want to advertise the fact that your torso is armored against AK fire? Well, that’s where the Deliberate Dynamics Low-Profile Plate Carrier comes in.


Consumer Review: BulletProofMe – Please!


          In 2008, I went through Ft. Benning before going to Iraq. There, I was issued body armor. The outer vest was new and spotless, still in its plastic wrap. The plates, however, were junk. Both plates were extremely worn, one having a long groove in the strike face.