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Special Ops Tactical 12.6″ Quad Rail

I’m hard on my equipment. In fact, I abuse it in ways that most would consider to be bordering on criminal. I regularly shoot hundreds of corrosive rounds out of my AR-15 without even thinking of cleaning it. I stick pistols in the freezer and even in the oven. I throw guns into puddles. I kick my weapons when they don’t work, and sometimes even when they do. When a charging handle is stuck, I place the stock on the ground, put my boot on the charging handle, and give it a stomp.

Some folks don’t need a particularly solid AR-15 rail for their safe queens. I need something that can take a beating, which is what made me look at the Special Ops Tactical 12.6″ rail system.


Rock River Arms Quad Rail Aluminum FF Handguard – CAR Length

In a world full of extended rails, there are times when a carbine-length rail is needed. Whether running an SBR or simply going with a more traditional look, the shorter handguard has its place. This is where the Rock River Arms CAR length Quad Rail comes in handy. 


UTG Handguard review

I purchased a UTG quad rail hand guard for my AR-15. I am happy with its ease to put on and the qualilty that it is made. The covers are nice and I haven’t had any problem with them coming off. I would recomend it to anybody looking for one.

By: Aaron Riegler