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From Collector to Prepper: A Look at My Changes Pt. 1 Caliber Choices

Today I want to start a series of articles covering some thoughts and some things I have done with my own “arsenal” over the last few years. This just is not the country I grew up in and for the much worse. I was  mainly a military rifle collector and a most any kind of pistol collector, now, not so much. I am trying to prepare myself and family for a day we may find ourselves on our own. So if you are thinking like I have been and you have a large, diverse collection you may have been thinking of making some changes. I have made a lot of them in the last two years. This also may be of value to the new gun owner uncertain of how they want to prep for an entirely possible bleak future. Over the next few segments I will go over some of them. My main focus today is caliber choices for the prepper.