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Food for Thought Part 1 Weapons


I have written 40 some gun reviews on here and want to start doing some more on tactics and generally being prepared for whatever. From a violent encounter with a thug to chaos in the streets. So this will be a several part series where I want to cover topics like weapons and supplies, mindset, physical condition and some of the things I think we can expect if the world ever totally goes to hell. Just for the record, I’m not some doomsday loony bin but I have been around some and have seen what people are capable of. I’ve seen countries tore apart by war, crime here at home, Mt. Pinatubo that wrecked the Philippines in 91, I was part of the rescue mission there (Operation Fiery Vigil) and then Hurricane Katrina down south. People do some really bad things, even usually decent people when they are desperate. I think it’s a good thing if we just get some food for thought out there on some of these topics.