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Walther PPS review

The Walther PPS is a compact single-stack pistol designed for concealed carry.  It’s available in 9mm or .40 cal.  PPS supposedly stands for Police Pistol Slim, and I have to agree that it’s pretty darn slim.  That slimness makes it very comfortable to carry concealed.  It has 6, 7, and 8 round magazine options.  I have the 6 and 7 round mags.  The 7 round is the most comfortable (I can get all my fingers on it), but the 6 round mag is best for concealment.  Even though my pinky dangles when shooting the 6 round mag, it doesn’t affect shooting comfort or accuracy. (Just so y’all have an idea of hand size, I typically wear XL gloves)

While we’re on the subject of accuracy, I have to say the PPS is impressive.  I frequently shoot 1-2 hole groups (6-7 shots making one or two ragged holes) at varying distances up to 25 yards.  One time when I was at the range with my dad and brother we were shooting a few different pistols at 25 yds. to test grouping.  While things were grouping nicely around the bull, nothing had actually hit the bull.  Just for fun, I pulled out the PPS and unloaded a mag.  The PPS was the first pistol to hit the bull at 25 yards that day.  The PPS is amazingly accurate for any pistol.  When you consider the fact that it’s a single-stack sub-compact designed for concealment, that REALLY makes it amazing.

Controls are very Glock-like.  Someone once wrote that the PPS is the compact 9mm Glock should have built.  I’d have to agree.  The trigger, operation, and field stripping are all pretty much the same as a Glock (although once you get the slide off you’ll notice it looks a little different inside).

As far as other single-stack sub-compact 9mms go, I’ve shot a Kahr CM9, Kel-Tec PF9, Diamondback DB9, and a Taurus PT709.  The PPS is the only one I actually enjoy shooting.  If you’re looking for an extremely accurate pistol that’s fun to shoot and also happens to be very easy and comfortable to conceal, I highly recommend you consider getting a Walther PPS.

By: Eric Stine