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NAA 22lr Review

By: Cary Kieffer

Today I want to discuss the pro’s and con’s of the North American Arms NAA 22 lr single action revolver with the 1 1/8 inch barrel. Initial impressions is this tiny little thing is well made. Its beautifully machined and a “cute” little thing. I always get “ooh’s and ahh’s” about it whenever it comes out at the range. Everybody wants to try it.


NAA 22 mag Review


You may have caught my review on the 22 LR NAA. Well this one is for almost the same gun only it’s a larger 22 magnum. All the same stuff applies, well made, reliable ignition of the rimfire cartridges, of dubious self defense use, definitely a fun thing to shoot and a great amount of fun to get out at a range. Everybody wants to try it. This review is going to go from the self defense side just like the other one did.