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Nexbelt Gadsden Flag Leather Gun Belt

Nexbelt gun belt

The Nexbelt is “The belt with no holes.”  Instead of the regularly spaced holes one inch apart you find on most other belts, the Nexbelt utilizes a ratchet system that allows for 1/4 inch increments for a precise fit.  The belt easily cinches tight on the rubber teeth.  To release, pull the small lever on the buckle.

This is a review of the Nexbelt Tactical Series black leather gun belt featuring an attractive Gadsden Flag buckle.  The belt is not as thick and stiff as my other gun belts but that can be an advantage outside of competition or law enforcement.  It is a dressy alternative to the traditional hardcore gun belt.  This is a really nice option for concealed carry as it just looks like a leather dress belt.Nexbelt gun belt