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Mueller 1-4×24 Speed Shot review

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Scope just got here, and as far as I know, I’m the first to Mueller’s latest release.

Mueller Speed Shot 1-4×24. I was hesitant to pick this up, especially because it’s just recently been released, and the Primary Arms 1-4 was also in my price range. I found this on for $130 with the Primary Arms mount and figured, “I can sell it if it doesn’t work out.” So, I spent the money and it came just in time for my professors to dump work on me so I can’t go shoot.

The scope, and weird colored lenses. I’ve used shooting glasses with this same color before, and they definitely work for making things easier to see. I don’t know if I could do it if I’m shooting with both eyes open on 1x though. (first picture)

I do like having an illuminated reticle. On this scope, 1 is good enough to be picked up against a bright background (inside with lights on, anyway). 11 is overkill, probably in all situations.

1x with the illumination on 1 (second picture).

4x with illumination on 1 (third).

1x with illumination on 1 (fourth).

1x with illumination on 11 (fifth). Yes, the 11 does “bleed” out a bit. Inside, it’s definitely annoying. Outside it probably won’t be nearly that bad.

I picked up the preproduction model. Mueller says that the only difference between these and the production models is that the white numbering for the magnification is on the front of the ring, rather than the back. You can see how it’s positioned in those pictures above. It was stupid to do it like that, but it’s not a pain in the ass to raise my head and see how magnified I am if I even care enough to do it.

First impression: It’s a high quality scope. The lenses are extremely clear. Maybe not on par with a Leupold, but they’re damn good for the price I paid. The turrets give positive clicks (1 click=1/2 MOA), and the reticle is easy to pick up. I wish I had something like a BDC reticle though, but I’ll be putting a 50 yard zero on it, so it won’t be too bad for the ranges I’m shooting at. The magnification ring is also hard to move, and it has a long distance to travel from 1-4. I’ll be trying to find a cat-tail that will fit to make it a bit easier.

Both eyes open shooting is probably going to be easy, especially with the illuminated reticle.

I’m very impressed with this scope- even more so with the price I paid for it. If you guys are looking for a cheap 1-4, Mueller is running a sale on their preproduction units (the same that I’ve got) until they’re out of stock for $160, which when the Primary Arms is $115, may not be that good of a deal. I wish I had a Primary Arms to compare side-by-side, but I’m sure I’ll eventually get that chance.

Things that don’t really fit in anywhere: It uses standard CR2032 batteries. Close objects are actually magnified a bit, as you can see in some of the pictures. Eye relief is ~3.5in.

We’ll see how it holds up to shooting whenever I get around to it.

By: Daniel Hicks