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Midwest Industries Gen 2 SS Handguard

Midwest Industries has been at the front of the pack with their free-float forearms for AR-15’s over the past few years, and they continue to push forward with their designs. Midwest Industries continues to excel in the lightweight free-float handguard department. Their Gen. 2 SS 12″ rail comes in at almost the same exact weight as standard AR-15/M4 plastic handguards, with all the benefits of a free-float forearm. With a little sale watching, they can be one of the most affordable free-float rail on the market.


Midwest Industries 15-inch Gen 2 SS Series FF Hanguard – Initial Impressions

I like the idea of having a really long free-float  tube on my AR-15. I was introduced to slick-side forearms with the Vltor CASV-M and soon graduated to the Daniel Defense MFR 12.0 that I put onto my 16-inch precision barrel. I liked it, but would rather have something a bit longer, for several reasons.

First, I was surprised to see that even with the front sight on the end of a 12 inch tube, the sight radius was still about the same as the Spike’s 5.45 mid-length with a regular front sight base. Second, I wanted to really be able to extend my hand and wrap it around the tube in a rope style grip in order to pull the carbine into my shoulder. In order to do this, it was important that the forearm be thin, as I have small bear paws for hands.


Consumer Review: Better Lighter Faster Cheaper

          Like many of you out there, I’ve seen the video of Travis Haley (then in the employ of Blackwater) sniping Iraqi insurgents in Najaf in 2004.  And like most of the kids and young men who saw Mr. Haley tagging Jaish al-Mahdi at around 800 meters, I wanted a rifle just like his because I thought it was badass.